Active Magnetic Bearings

Synchrony Advanced Magnetic Bearings

Synchrony’s range of magnetic bearings is designed specifically for engineers working on cutting edge solutions where environmental consciousness and sustainability are increasingly at the forefront of market requirements. Synchrony’s magnetic bearing technology offers market leading performance and reliability, while also paying close attention to serviceability and ease of implementation on the OEMs assembly line.

In an increasingly interconnected world where data is power, magnetic bearings can offer a wealth of data that help OEMs and end users optimize their processes and equipment operation. Synchrony’s magnetic bearing software offers a powerful window into the rotor dynamic performance of rotating machinery. By using Synchrony’s software, this data can be easily extracted and used to predict necessary maintenance or anticipate service problems before they result in customer down time.

Synchrony is on the forefront of making magnetic bearings a standard offering in the product line ups of leading OEMs across a wide range of industries.

Advanced Magnetic Bearings