High-Speed Motors & Generators

Synchrony High-Speed Motors & Generators

For customers seeking complete high-speed solutions Synchrony offers a range of high-speed permanent magnet motors and generators.  The NovaDrive® motors and The NovaGen® generators use permanent magnet rotors supported on magnetic bearings to achieve increased efficiency and high torque density. To simplify integration into a system, the control electronics for the magnetic bearings are highly condensed and seamlessly incorporated into the drive train, greatly reducing field wiring requirements. These design innovations decrease size and complexity, improve dynamic performance, and increase the economic value of the system.  

Whether you’re looking to couple a turbine directly to a high-speed generator for waste energy extraction or seeking a high-performance compressor that increases performance with a reduced footprint, the NovaDrive® and NovaGen® offer customers completely integrated solutions.

High-Speed Motor & Generators